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Лобачевского 40, Алматы, Казахстан
+7 (701) 214-16-11
ТОО "DIA Engineering Group"
Диодный модуль CP M CAP, фото 2
Информация для заказа
General ordering data
Order No. 1222240010
Version Power supply, switch-mode power supply unit
GTIN (EAN) 4050118176148
Qty. 1 pc(s).
Dimensions and weights
Width 34 mm
Width (inches) 1.339 inch
Height 130 mm
Height (inches) 5.118 inch
Depth 150 mm
Depth (inches) 5.905 inch
Net weight 633 g
Humidity 5...95 %, no condensation
Operating temperature, max. 70 °C
Operating temperature, min. -25 °C
Storage temperature, max. 85 °C
Storage temperature, min. -40 °C
Operating temperature -25 °C...70 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C...85 °C
DC input voltage range 18…30 V DC
Rated input voltage 24 V DC
Wire connection method Screw connection
Peak current output Depending on the load (typically 40 A for 1 ms)
Recovery time for the capacitor Approx. 1 sec.
Switching thresholds 21.6 V DC, relay is on for Power Good, 20.4 V DC, relay is off for Power Fail
Voltage monitoring Yes
Wire connection method Screw connection
General data
Clip-in foot metal
Humidity 5...95 %, no condensation
MTBF > 500,000 h acc. to IEC 1709 (SN29500
Mounting position, installation notice Horizontal on TS35 mounting rail. 50 mm of clearance at top & bottom for air circ. Can mount side by side with no space in between.
Operating temperature -25 °C...70 °C
Protection degree IP20
EMC / shock / vibration
Noise emission acc. to EN55022 Class B
Vibration resistance IEC 60068-2-6 1 g according to EN50178
Interference immunity test acc. to EN 61000-4-2 (ESD)|EN 61000-4-3 and EN 61000-4-8 (fields)|EN 61000-4-4 (burst)|EN 61000-4-5 (surge)|EN 61000-4-6 (conducted)|EN 61000-4-11 (dips)
Shock resistance IEC 60068-2-27 15 g In all directions
Insulation coordination
Class of protection III, with no ground connection, for SELV
Insulation voltage 0.5 kV Input/output housing
Pollution severity 2
Electrical safety (applied standards)
Electrical machine equipment Acc. to EN60204
For use with electronic equipment Acc. to EN50178 / VDE0160
Safety extra-low voltage SELV acc. to EN60950, PELV acc. to EN60204
Connection data (input)
Conductor cross-section, AWG/kcmil , max. 12 
Conductor cross-section, AWG/kcmil , min. 26 
Conductor cross-section, flexible , min. 0.5 mm?
Conductor cross-section, rigid , max. 6 mm?
Conductor cross-section, rigid , min. 0.5 mm?
Number of terminals 4 (++--)
Wire connection cross section, flexible (input), max. 4 mm?
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