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Контроль нагрузки AMG ELM-6, фото 2
Контроль нагрузки AMG ELM-6, фото 2
Информация для заказа
General ordering data
Type AMG ELM-6
Order No. 2080360000
Version Electronic load monitoring, 6.00 A, 24 V DC
GTIN (EAN) 4050118419306
Qty. 1 pc(s).
Availability Stock article
Dimensions and weights
Width 6.1 mm
Width (inches) 0.24 inch
Height 125 mm
Height (inches) 4.921 inch
Depth 96.5 mm
Depth (inches) 3.799 inch
Net weight 43 g
Operating temperature, max. 55 °C
Operating temperature, min. -25 °C
Storage temperature, max. 85 °C
Storage temperature, min. -40 °C
Operating temperature -25 °C...55 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C...85 °C
Probability of failure
MTTF 290 Years
Current consumption (full load) IOUT +30 mA
Current consumption (idle) 25 mA
DC input voltage range 18…30 V DC
Input fuse (internal) Yes
Rated input voltage 24 V DC
Surge protection Suppressor diode
max. admissible residual ripple at the input 100 mVpp
Capacitive load 15,000 µF
Connection system PUSH IN
Rated current 6 A
Surge protection Suppressor diode
Switch-on delay 1 s
Triggering characteristic see characteristic curve
adjustable rated current Yes
General data
Adjustable range 1- 6 A
Function key Activation time < 3s, Reset, ON
Operating temperature -25 °C...55 °C
Protection degree IP20
Relay to activate the output No
Surge voltage category III
Insulation coordination
Surge voltage category III
Connection data (output)
Conductor cross-section, AWG/kcmil , max. 12 
Conductor cross-section, AWG/kcmil , min. 26 
Conductor cross-section, flexible , max. 2.5 mm?
Conductor cross-section, flexible , min. 0.14 mm?
Conductor cross-section, rigid , max. 2.5 mm?
Conductor cross-section, rigid , min. 0.14 mm?
Connection system PUSH IN
Number of terminals 2 (+ / -)
Screwdriver blade 0.6 x 3.5
LED green Operation (failure-free), Early warning: I Out > 90% I Rated (flashing)
LED red Load monitoring has disconnected, Load monitoring has triggered (flashing), Internal error (rapid flashing)
Transistor output, positive-switching Pre-warning, Alarm
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