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ТОО "DIA Engineering Group"
Контроль нагрузки AMG ELM-6D CO, фото 2
Контроль нагрузки AMG ELM-6D CO, фото 2
Информация для заказа
General ordering data
Order No. 2082440000
Version Electronic load monitoring, 6.00 A, 24 V DC
GTIN (EAN) 4050118419368
Qty. 1 pc(s).
Availability Delivery date on request
Dimensions and weights
Width 18.3 mm
Width (inches) 0.72 inch
Height 125 mm
Height (inches) 4.921 inch
Depth 96.5 mm
Depth (inches) 3.799 inch
Net weight 43 g
Operating temperature, max. 55 °C
Operating temperature, min. -25 °C
Storage temperature, max. 85 °C
Storage temperature, min. -40 °C
Operating temperature -25 °C...55 °C
Storage temperature -40 °C...85 °C
Probability of failure
MTTF 260 Years
Current consumption (full load) IOUT +50 mA
Current consumption (idle) 40 mA
DC input voltage range 18…30 V DC
Input fuse (internal) Yes
Rated input voltage 24 V DC
Surge protection Suppressor diode
max. admissible residual ripple at the input 100 mVpp
Capacitive load 15,000 µF
Connection system PUSH IN
Rated current 6 A
Surge protection Suppressor diode
Switch-on delay 1 s
Triggering characteristic see characteristic curve
adjustable rated current Yes
General data
Adjustable range 1- 6 A
Function key Activation time < 3s, Reset, ON
Operating temperature -25 °C...55 °C
Protection degree IP20
Relay to activate the output Yes
Surge voltage category III
Insulation coordination
Surge voltage category III
Connection data (output)
Conductor cross-section, AWG/kcmil , max. 12 
Conductor cross-section, AWG/kcmil , min. 26 
Conductor cross-section, flexible , max. 2.5 mm?
Conductor cross-section, flexible , min. 0.14 mm?
Conductor cross-section, rigid , max. 2.5 mm?
Conductor cross-section, rigid , min. 0.14 mm?
Connection system PUSH IN
Number of terminals 6 (3x + / 3x -)
Screwdriver blade 0.6 x 3.5
LED green Operation (failure-free), Early warning: I Out > 90% I Rated (flashing)
LED red Load monitoring has disconnected, Load monitoring has triggered (flashing), Internal error (rapid flashing)
Transistor output, positive-switching Pre-warning, Alarm
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